The Fleshlight is the #1 selling male masturbation sex toy in the world! The Fleshlight is the most realistic and pleasurable male masturbation device ever created!

What is a Fleshlight!

What is a Fleshlight masturbator?

Meet the ultimate in male pleasure.

Known for mind-blowing sensations, quality and experiences.

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The Fleshlight Case

More than just a clever disguise.
The removable cap conceals the fleshy orifice and keeps it clean for you next use.
The adjustable end cap controls the amount of suction.


With its flashlight inspired design, it’s a bit less obvious than your ordinary sex toy.

Adjustable Suction

Once you’re inside your Fleshlight, a considerable amount of suction is created. If it feels to intense, unscrew the endcap to adjust.

The Removable Inner Sleeve

Superskin is what brings your Fleshlight to life, a material which feels so much like skin, it’s unreal.

Select Your Entry Point

Live out your fantasies by diving into your favorite orifice, the attention to detail is amazing. Which will you choose?

Warm to the Touch

Superskin reacts to heat much like skin does. Soak your sleeve in warm water or use our Sleeve Warmer for an even more realistic experience.

Easy to Clean

Clean up is as easy as holding your sleeve under warm, running water. For best results, clean periodically with Fleshwash.

Take a Peek Inside

From a smooth inner texture to more complex ones, we’ve got plenty for you to slide into and enjoy.

Get Inside Your Favorite Stars

Live out your fantasies with the beautiful women you’ve watched online. Feel them all!

Options For Everyone

We are all unique and have our own tastes. For this purpose, we have custom catered Fleshlights for every need.

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